About me

Information about Odysseas Chloridis Photography.

What makes photography such a fascinating invention is that its primary materials are just light and time.
— John Berger


Photographer, Content Creator and Digital Marketer from Thessaloniki, Greece. Odysseas fell in love with photography while studying in Portugal and hasn't put his camera down ever since.

Fascinated with Portraits and the stories of the people behind them, Landscapes that depict the beauty of this planet,  Street photography that showcases the uniqueness of every finite moment and Travel photojournalism that encapsulates the essence of other cultures.

With a passion for storytelling through ideas and content that can promote envisionary products in an innovative and engaging way, Odysseas captures our imagination through capivating the beauty of our world.

He has traveled across 22 countries, engaging with locals and learning from them about the uniqueness and magic of their cultures.

Odysseas aspires to travel to every country in the world while capturing the pictures he sees through the lense and writing about his experiences along the way.